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Item Code: 09200090

PiCo KP 90N Digital Planimeter allows you to take area and line measurements from maps and other sources with accuracy within ±0.2 percent.  All are suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction and civil engineering work, land development planning, agricultural and forestry work, and as teaching devices in schools. 

Technical Specifications:

Type: Roller Type With Computing Function

Display: Liquid Crystal, 8 digit figures10 symbols

Symbol: Batt-E, SCALE, MEMO, HOLD, cm², m², km², in², ft², acre

Converting Function: Unit and Scale value

Accumulated Measuring Value: Maximum 10m² (scale 1:1)

Measuring Range                               
Maximum vertical width: 325mm, Horizontal roller rotating length: 30m

Accuracy:Within ±0.2% (within ±2/1,000 pulses)

Power Supply: Built-in Ni-Cad storage battery (rechargeable AC adapter) AC 120V (using the supplied AC adapter) (provided with auto power-off function)

Operating Duration: Approximately 30 hours continuous operation

Battery Charging Time: Battery Charging Time

Main Unit Weight: 750g

Accessories: Supplied AC adaptor and carrying case