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Item Code: 07225990

Artograph LED300 Digital Art Projector has the capacity to project images from virtually any digital source including cameras, computers, and smartphones, the Artograph LED300 Digital Art Projector ushers in a whole new world of creative possibilities for artists, muralists, decorators, and designers.
Forget about the limitations of traditional opaque projectors, such as having to load flat, two-dimensional originals into a small copy area one by one. The Artograph LED300 is equipped with a built-in USB port that accommodates flash drives, smartphones, and external CD/DVD drives. Simply plug in your digital device and scroll through your JPEG images until you find the exact one you'd like to project and/or reproduce. You can even freeze-frame digital movies until you find the perfect still.
A number of other cutting-edge features make the Artograph LED300 unique. It's equipped with 18 exclusive layout grids you can overlay onto your images to aid in composition. You can also change from front to rear projection, transform color images into black-and-white for easier copying, and use the keystone function to straighten your images when projecting them from various angles — all with the push of a button.
In addition to the USB port, the Artograph LED300 comes with an external SD card reader, as well as an RGB cable for connecting a computer. Now, beyond projecting a single image, you can project a presentation of your entire portfolio. The Artograph LED300 is so advanced, it even plays music.
With 1280 × 800 (WXGA) resolution, twin XD image processors, and an exclusive "Edge Enhancer" function, the Artograph LED300 offers brilliant, true-to-life color and incredible sharpness. Projected image sizes range from 15" to more than 80" in virtually any lighting conditions. The maintenance-free, 300 lumen LED lamp has a life of up to 30,000 hours.
The Artograph LED300 is lightweight, compact, and easily portable. It includes a full-function remote control and a storage/carry bag.