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Item Code: 04656200

Fire Resistant Ultima-file
Ultima-File is the high-density filing system that provides ultimate protection for large format documents. The system is fire-resistant- with insulated double steel walls and water-resistant- with a protruding apron that protects against water damage. The Ultima-File features a unique spring compression system. Each file contains 15 spring compression pockets loaded with four heavy-duty portfolios. Gentle spring pressure keeps the folders upright and the documents flat without slipping and wrinkling. Each file can store 3000 three-mil documents for active filing or 6,000 for archival filing using only a minimum of floor space.
All folders are stored at a comfortable height, eliminating stooping or bending.
Mobility is another key benefit of the Ultima-File. Heavy-duty swivel casters allow the files to be easily rearranged or moved. All cabinets are available in an archival quality powder coat Autumn Haze finish, 36 x 48” capacity and lockable.

Item # 04656200 - 55¾”W  x 31½”D x 45½”H, 36” x 48” capacity

Also available in:

Item # 04656000
- 43¾”W  x 31½”D x 35¾”H, 24” x 36” capacity
Item # 04656100 - 49¾”W  x 31½”D x 42½”H, 30” x 42” capacity