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We have a broad selection of premium grade drafting scales including Architectural Scales, Engineering Scales and Proportional Scales. The scales are available in inches and metric measurements. The Drafting Machine engraved in Germany to our specifications, these scales are made of acrylic (does not yellow with age) and feature two longitudinal risers to facilitate working in ink. The standard universal chucks are made of Aluminum which carries a lifetime warranty against wear. Scales comes in a 12” (C30) and 18” (C50).

Universal Drafting Machine Scales, Architectural
#C30/30A & C30/50A

Universal Drafting Machine Scales 32nd & 50th
#C30/30MED & C30/50MED

Universal Drafting Machine Scales, Full/32
#C30300C & C30500C

Universal Drafting Machine Scales, Metric 1:10
#C30306 & C30506

Universal Drafting Machine Scales, Metric 1:100
#C30307 & C30507

Student Triangular Scales
#C36 Series

Professional Triangular Scales
#C35 Series

Flat Conversion Scales, 4-Bevel