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Made for PiCo Design by one of the oldest German manufacturers of precision drafting instruments; these nickel plated brass compasses embody durability, precision and high quality craftsmanship. Yet, their cost is surprisingly affordable! From the simple Pencil Bow Compass (B2000) and the more versatile Double Knee Joint Compass (B2002) to the Comprehensive Set (B2320) consisting of B2002 plus B2104 extension bar, B2102 pen part and B2103 pen holder, they are the choice of those who prize workmanship in their possessions.

Pencil Bow Compass

Double Joint Compass

10-Point Dividers

Proportional Dividers

Divider 6"

Pencil Adaptor

College Compass Set

Double Joint Compass Set

Students' Compass Set

Beam Compass

Beam Compass Set

PiCo Universal Compass Adapter uni adapter